What have we done?

Our team specialized in creating web-based assets. What does that mean?

If it lives on the web, we can make it and make it work for your business.

Who We Are

edgimo (rhymes with eskimo) was founded in 2002 to offer a unique combination of creativity and business sense to entrepreneurs, educators, non-profits, and publishers. Since then we've found that our skills are useful to a much broader audience.

We are a small firm that does all its work here in the United States of America. The primary players are:

Ben Dickinson

Founder and Principal

Formally educated as a pharmacist with specialized training in publishing and web-application development, Ben formed edgimo in 2002 to offer over 15 years of experience to a variety of small businesses. Over the years he has found that his formal education, which is based in logic and science, paired with his creative side is a perfect fit for applying web and web-related technology to business goals.

Ben is a music lover and a canine enthusiast.

Peter Adams

Web Developer

Peter joined the edgimo team in 2012 and quickly took the lead developing a variety of materials for the web. He is consistently recognized for his ability to quickly learn new technologies and find creative solutions to the challenges our clients face.

Peter is also a composer, producer, violinist, guitarist, and singer. You can find out more about his musical endeavors on his website, www.PeterAdamsMusic.com

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